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Our patient, Kindra C., recounts her negative personal experience with dental crowns. She compares her first-hand experience receiving a traditional crown and the consequences such as unhealthy, bleeding gums, with her positive experience receiving a healthier, supra-gingival treatment.

A before and after video of our patient Tanessa L. describing how Dr. Ruiz has helped fix her bite and reduce sensitivity and pain. Her headaches are gone and now she is able to eat and smile without pain and she is looking forward to making even more progress.


Testimonials from Dentists

Dentists Sharing Personal Experiences About Why They Like to Provide Supra-gingival Healthy Dentistry to Their Patients


The courses at The LA Clinical Institute of Dentistry have been an invaluable addition to my continuing education. Supra-gingival dentistry and the advances in adhesion have transformed the way I approach my patients’ treatment! Procedures are less invasive, with an emphasis on preserving the patient’s own tooth structure. By keeping tooth preparation above or at the gingival level, tissue integrity and tissue health are easier for patients to maintain. I am grateful for Dr. Ruiz for sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience, and teaching us how to better serve our patients!

Dr. Dawn Mikaitis

I believe Supra-gingival dentistry is better for the patient because it makes the maintenance of the restoration easier, the gums are always healthier when the restoration is away from the gums. The preparations tend to be more conservative. I have almost no complaints of discomfort after the procedure, and the restorations tend to last longer because there is less leakage with Supra-gingival dentistry.

Dr. Narpat Jain, DMD, MAGD, FICOI

The principles of Supra gingival dentistry allows for a conservative approach for patients to maintain as much of their own tooth structure for optimal esthetics and longevity.

The restorative dentistry that we provide preserves as much of the tooth structure as possible. The research that supports this minimally invasive dentistry is impressive, and the techniques that are taught at The Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry are precise and replace only the diseased or disfigured part of the tooth. We can keep most of our restorations above the gum line. I am proud to be a graduate of the program, and I am practicing this conservative level of precise dentistry every day.

Dr. Charles Carter, DDS

My wife, Dr. Shabnam Khanideh, and I took the courses with Dr. Ruiz. Our theme is healthy mouth, healthy body, healthy living. Both of us have been placing ceramic onlays in place of crowns on occasions where other dentists would have placed crowns. We feel that this procedure saves tooth structure and when explained to patients, they understand and agree with it. The Supra-gingival approach also promotes predictability and facilitates ease of delivery which helps the doctor and the patient finish the procedure faster.

You’ve done a very nice job putting forth the principles of supra-gingival dentistry. Having been “classically” trained, it always felt wrong to be doing dentistry that way. Your arguments and research make me feel validated for doing this type of dentistry the last ten years or so. I picked up some good tips and was also able to pass on your knowledge to my son who has just started his dental career.

Dr. Peter March

I acquired great learning at LA Institute of Clinical Dentistry and Ruiz Dental Seminars, especially Supra Gingival Adhesive Dentistry Seminars. You do a great service to patients by following the techniques learned such as saving healthy enamel and keeping gums healthy long term. If time allows I would join you back to learn more on occlusion. It was my great pleasure to be student at LA institute. Dr. Ruiz, I sincerely thank you and your staff for sharing knowledge with other dental professionals.

Dr. Sailaja Tamtam

It has been so rewarding to restore my patient’s teeth with minimally invasive supra-gingival dentistry. I sleep better at night realizing I’m no longer removing healthy, intact enamel when it’s not necessary to do so. The procedure is easier, more predictable, and so much kinder to the surrounding soft tissue. The gums are so much healthier! I recently broke a tooth in my own mouth… I insisted my associate perform supra-gingival dentistry to restore my own tooth. Thank you Dr. Ruiz!

Dr. Donald K. Ruddell, DDS

While utilizing the latest, most up-to-date research based techniques, our dental office is committed to providing Supra-Gingival Minimally Invasive Dentistry to all of our patients. In doing so, we can conserve and protect as much natural tooth structure, ensure we are creating long lasting dentistry, and provide an overall healthier result for our patient’s oral health.

Jennifer Caruso, DMD, FAGD

Learning about supra gingival preparation for minimally invasive dentistry and applying it to my practice has proven to be very beneficial. Using these techniques, I noticed that the conservation of the tooth and structural strength are preserved. The method of reducing the preparation and eliminating the retraction cord results in less insult to the soft tissue and less bleeding during impression—meaning the procedure is easier and more accurate. With less reduction, it is also less likely for the possibility of tooth sensitivity, recurrence of decay, and root canal treatment. To top it off, the finish line is not only easy for the patient to clean, but also easier for the natural cleansing mechanism of the saliva, tongue, and cheek. It’s an all-around helpful boost for maintainable dental health.

Dr. Roland Elzaegui, DMD