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The Academy of Supra-gingival Healthy Dentistry was passionately founded with the objective of promoting Supra-gingival Healthy Dentistry, an evidence-based healthier approach to restorative dentistry with less unhealthy and undesirable side effects for the patients. We are an organization of caring, educated, motivated and health-conscious clinicians who understand the responsibility of educating the dental community and the general public on the importance of implementing healthy, supra-gingival dentistry in order to advance the quality of restorative dentistry and protect overall health. www.HealthyDentistry.org is the platform we use to update the public about healthier dentistry and where we provide a reservoir of educational and academic information on Supra-gingival healthy dentistry, as well as a place to allow patients to locate a dentist near them who is knowledgeable on such techniques.