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  1. Question: My dentist told me I needed and crown because my tooth is very damaged, is that possible?
    Hannah L
    Answer: In fact the most damaged the tooth the more important is to preserve whatever is left with a supra-gingival minimally-invasive restoration, NOT a destructive crown.
    Dr. Ruiz

  3. Question: My dentist said that I need a root canal before doing my crown, can a Supra-gingival onlay save me from the root canal?
    Marlen S
    Answer: It is impossible to know without ALL the details, but it is my experience that many times a more conservative procedure like onlays and veneers can prevent root canals.
    Dr. Ruiz

  5. Question: What is the advantage of using the baush articulating paper over the accufilm articulating paper? I work with Zirconia and emax.
    Dr. Creaghe
    Answer: Accufilm 2 from Parkel is nice, I think it is an issue of preference, but remember, teeth must be dry.
    Dr. Ruiz

  7. Question: How many maximum units can be built over two implant abutments?
    Dr. Rajpoot
    Answer: There is good evidence that cantilevers supported by implant work well, much better than over teeth, I would not push it too much. With 2 implants I would cantilever one tooth.
    Dr. Ruiz