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For everyone trying to be healthier, it is important to remember that health is not only about improving eating habits and exercising more often; dental health contributes to overall health too. Asking your dentist about supra-gingival dentistry treatments will help conserve your teeth, help your gums stay healthy and also reduce inflammation.

Supra-gingival dentistry is a minimally invasive, modern technique and uses up-to-date advances in materials such as adhesion. Supra-gingival means above the gum line, which essentially means a treatment plan in which the dentist performs work away from the gums. This conservative technique preserves original tooth structure and leads to healthier gums by minimizing inflammation.

In the photo below you can see the traditional approach, a tooth cut down for a crown with subgingival margins (on the left). Observer the enormous swelling (inflammation) and amount of tooth drilled away.

On the right a tooth prepared for a supra-gingival veneer, gums and tooth looking almost untouched.

There are consequences, the body’s autoimmune system responds with inflammation and then leads to oral chronic inflammation and chronic periodontal disease. Chronic inflammation is a major contributor to several serious diseases and medical conditions such as heart disease, arterial disease, diabetes, stroke, rheumatoid arthritis, birth complications, and cancer. Remember to ask you dentist for supra-gingival healthy dentistry.
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