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Healthy teeth contribute to a healthier and more satisfying life! The vast majority of people will get cavities and will need dental restorations, but the choice of how those cavities and teeth are repaired will significantly impact their dental future. While most dentists strongly support tooth conserving dentistry, full crowns are still the most popular way to repair damaged teeth. Crowns require drilling away 75% of the original tooth, drastically increasing the need for root canal and often damaging the gums in the process!

Supra-gingival minimally invasive techniques are a healthier alternative. The more damaged the tooth, the more imperative it is to preserve the part that remains. Even when treating extremely complicated cases, supra-gingival minimally invasive dentistry is possible and also a better, healthier choice.

Learn more about supra-gingival dentistry and how it is a healthier short-term AND long-term choice: